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5 Ways to Save on your Prescription Drug Purchases

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The outrageous cost of healthcare in the United States, particularly the high markup on some prescription drugs is a matter of concern for several Americans. Many people find it difficult to make ends meet when they have to spend a huge amount of money on monthly prescriptions – especially those who have no insurance plans and have to pay an exorbitant price on prescription drugs.

In such a scenario, one may want to skip medications or reduce the dosage without consulting the doctor. Taking actions like these can do more harm than good, and you may end up paying more for your medications than what you might have imagined. So, what’s the solution?

Fortunately, there still are some ways to rein in the cost of prescription drugs for acute as well as chronic medical conditions. Let’s take a look at five such ways:

Compare pharmacies for the best deal
As drug prices can vary between pharmacies, it is advised to shop around a little before you spend your hard-earned income on prescription drugs. Either use websites like GoodRx to compare the drug prices at pharmacies or check a few local drug stores to get the best deal.

Try pill splitting
Many drugs come cheaper at higher dosages. Talk to your doctor to know if you can split your prescription drugs. If yes, then you could save money by purchasing double-strength prescriptions and taking them in halves – without having to skip them altogether for saving money. But to ensure that the pills are split in the right dosage, do get a pill splitter.

Use discount coupons
The unprecedented and unsustainable rate at which prescription drug prices are increasing requires every possible measure to cut down on the expenses. And using coupons is one such measure that can help you save as much as 50% (at times, even more) of the total price you pay on these drugs. These coupons can be obtained through magazines, pharmacies and even online – on special coupon websites or on the drug manufacturers’ websites.

Order in bulk by mail
Those who have to take recurring prescriptions for several months or even years can save a good amount of money on them by ordering in bulk by mail. A typical mail order comes in 90-day refills. So, if you go by this route, make sure your doctor writes a 90-day prescription. Trying mail order can save you several dollars every year as mail-order pharmacies don’t have to pay to the bricks-and-mortar retailers. By sending prescription drugs directly to you, they save good money, and the same benefit gets forwarded to you in the form of reduced prices.

Get Drug Discount Cards
On an average, drug discount cards can enable customers to save up to 85% on their prescription drug spending. These cards can be availed on all brand-name prescription drugs, at all partner pharmacies that are spread across every nook and corner in the country. This way you pay much less than what you are paying for prescription drugs without availing any discounts.

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