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All you need to know about Drug Discount Cards

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Drug Discount Cards is a topic usually accompanied by a lot of intrigue. You might have received such cards in your mailbox, from your employer, or from the doctor’s clinic you visited recently. And, you may not know it, but they need your attention. The truth is that your failure to use these cards may result in paying extra bucks that could be thousands of dollars every year towards prescription drugs.

It’s easy to understand that the decision to use drug discount cards is often taken with reluctance – because these are generally free. In fact, many people don’t use these cards as they are afraid of being conned. Well, if you are one of them, then this article is for you. Read on to know all that you ever wanted to know about drug discount cards and, also learn some tips on how to use them smartly.

How do Drug Discount Cards work?

In 2016, a Journal of the American Medical Association study revealed that the per capital prescription drug spending in the US is higher than the rest of the world countries. With prescription medications costs being incredibly high in the country, consumers need a way to save more. And that is what drug discount cards help them do.

The process of using these cards is simple. A consumer with a prescription drug card can visit the pharmacy and avail a discount on the pricing of the medications. Once they present the discount card to the pharmacy, they will also receive a quote for the amount of savings they can make on their purchase. If the consumer finds the quote suitable, they can use their Drug Discount card to make the purchase and save money.

Who accepts drug discount cards?

All partner pharmacies and drug stores accept these cards but, if the card is issued by a pharmacy, then the chances are high that it may not be accepted by any other competing pharmacy chain.

How much can you save using these cards?

Drug discount cards can help you save several dollars on prescriptions. Though many factors determine the exact amount of money you can save on prescriptions, you are likely to make substantial savings with the use of these cards.  

What types of drugs are covered by these discount cards?

While different types of drug discount cards are available today, some may be restricted to be used for a particular category of drugs. Nevertheless, all drug discount cards cover brand-name drugs, over the counter drugs and generic drugs.

Some Helpful Tips while using Drug Discount Cards

Read Terms and Conditions: No one likes to read those lengthy terms and policies that come along with cards, but smart buyers do. Make sure you carefully read all the conditions on the use of your drug discount card. Understand which all pharmacies or stores accept the card. Also, know if it will have any impact on your insurance.

Check the prices: Just like manufacturers, retailers also set different prices on the drugs that they sell. Therefore, before you use your card, contact a few pharmacies and find out the total amount of money they will be charging for the Prescription drugs that you need. Compare prices and use your card at a reliable pharmacy that offers the best price and savings.

Pick generic drugs: You can save a lot of money on generic counterparts of brand-name drugs. So, whenever you can, don’t hesitate from going generic. Moreover, it’s important to be an aware buyer and use your drug discount card wisely. Simply follow these easy tips and pay less for prescription drugs.

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