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5 Advantages of Pharmacists’ Partnership with Drug Discount Card Providers

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One of the biggest healthcare related costs that individuals and families tend to spend on are the price of medicines. More than often, a patient will require administration of drugs over an extended period of time. This means that accumulated drug costs over time can be a huge figure and are often not covered under medical benefit schemes. This is why more and more families are slowly embracing a new age life saver: Drug discount cards! If you are a pharmacist, you need to stop being sceptical about these cards and coupons and instead embrace them with open arms. Let’s take a look at five advantages in store for pharmacists who are willing to tie up with drug discount card providers:

Increases your reach

Drug discount cards and coupons are saving people tonnes of money and families of patients are lapping it up. The price of medicine and healthcare have shot up in the recent years and without drug discounts, some people wouldn’t be able to afford your products. Tying up with a drug discount coupon provider shows that your products are “mass friendly” and not out of reach for the common man.

It is slowly becoming a norm

A recent survey has revealed that 70% pharmacists encounter patients who are looking for copay cards and about 77% pharmacists are regular users of copay cards. Now pharmacists can also help their patients search for coupons for drug coupons for both OTC and prescription medicines through mobile optimized websites. In its own way, drug discount coupons are acting as a healthy and mutually beneficial bridge between pharmacists and patients.

Improves medication adherence

More than often patients are unable to continue with a particular drug because of high costs and they switch to a less expensive medicine. A less expensive medication might not be the optimal choice for the disease and condition and often leads to further complications. As a pharmacist, one of your goals is to ensure medication adherence and by encouraging the use of drug discount coupons you are simply ensuring that patients can avail the treatment they require. Your tie up with a drug discount program provider also increases your credibility and exemplifies your commitment to integrity.

Encouraging online purchase of drugs

Drug discount coupons are now inherently linked to smartphone usage and not without reason. Pharmacists and patients both use smartphones and a virtual database of copay cards is likely to come in handy. This is a win win situation if you offer your products online because the availability of drug discount information has resulted in a shift in purchase behaviour. Most patients now buy a drug immediately when they see that it’s covered under a drug discount program. This also results in free word of mouth publicity for your brand since most patients would be happy to recommend a discounted drug to other fellow patients.

Builds trust and forges long term relationships

It is important to understand what collaborating with a drug discount provider does to your brand identity as a pharmacist. Medicines are a sensitive subject and most patients develop a strong brand loyalty towards a particular pharmacist. Your tie up with a drug discount program shows that you care and it also shows that you are willing to support a patient who is unable to pay for your products. It goes a long way in solidifying the faith in your brand, your ethos and your values. Most patients and their families are likely to continue with you as their pharmacist of choice.

Drug discount coupons are magical spells for a lot of patients because it means that their road to recovery would be smooth and not bumpy despite the financial hiccups. As pharmacists, you must hone the power of this magical spell and firmly establish yourself as the go to brand for patients.

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