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How to save on Monthly Prescription Drug Purchases

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A significant percentage of people have to take monthly prescription drugs, or at least they should be. Due to a variety of factors, surveys show, that patients often don’t take their medication as instructed. A primary cause for this deviancy is the exorbitant price points of pills. It is very difficult to sustain, especially if they have to be taken for a long time. This, however, presents major health risks, and often end up being much more expensive down the road. It is important to plan your expenditure to save more on monthly prescription medicines.

Generics over Branded

Often we end up splurging on exorbitantly-priced branded drugs even when there are generic versions of it available. The easiest way to save on your monthly prescription medicines is to switch to generics. Yes, it is true that not all branded drugs have a generic version available, and in the rarest of cases a generic might end up causing you an allergic reaction due to some inactive ingredient but there are chances of that happening with the branded versions as well. Apart from these two hurdles, taking generics are a boon when it comes to saving on monthly prescription drugs, often reducing expenditure by up to 80%.

Online Pharmacies

Getting your medication from a pharmacy online or through mail-order helps save a lot of money by cutting out intermediaries, saving up to 52%. It is, however, very important to check whether the pharmacies online have been approved by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacies, in which case it will have a blue VIPPS (Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Site) sticker. Online pharmacies provide cheaper and correct medication, saving you a lot of money and hassle.


Pill-splitting is a clever way to save almost 50% of the costs for monthly prescription medication. In this, one purchases pills of double the dose requires and splits it into half. This helps to save costs since the price of the pill rarely doubles even if the dosage does- sometimes even remaining the exact same price. This should be done, however, upon consultation with a doctor since some pills cannot be split. A pill-splitter helps much to simplify the process, while also maintaining the accuracy of the dosage.

Drug Assistance Programs

Pharmaceutical companies offer assistance programs to aid patients from low-income households, or if they are not insured. Such a program is immensely helpful, especially if the medication is for long-term use and must be branded, and can save costs up to 25% for most people and even 100% for qualifying individuals. Though one does not necessarily need to possess an insurance, to avail such a program, income information must be presented.

Drug Discount Cards

Of late, there has been a trend of third-party organisations entering the healthcare landscape and partnering up with pharmacies to help patients pay for prescription medication, both name brand and generic. They negotiate the discount percentages for various drugs and help you make savings if you avail of their services. Regardless of insurance status, anyone can apply for such drug discount cards with these companies. Though items on the $4 list are not included in the program, one can still make major savings of up to 75% through these. One can make strategic use by signing up for multiple such programs, especially since it’s free of cost.

Trying out these tips can help you make some massive savings in case of monthly prescription medication, without having to compromise on your treatment process.

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