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Ways to prevent prescription drugs from burning a hole in your pockets

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America is one of the strongest economies across the globe but the rising costs of prescription drugs every now and then have created a noticeable effect on the country’s economy. The rising costs of drugs, coupled with the increasing cost of living, has benefited the multinational pharmaceutical companies but keep affecting the consumers on a large scale.

The rising costs of prescription drugs pose a great impact on consumers’ medical budget, especially given that a majority of Americans are not enrolled under any medical insurance and thus pay for drugs from their pockets. In addition, not all medical insurance companies cover all kinds of drugs, thus creating a significant burden on the entire family. Jaw-dropping prices of prescription drugs related to certain chronic conditions can pretty much leave a huge hole in your pockets.

GmeRx offers drug discount cards that can be used at over 60,000 partner-pharmacies to avail discounts of up to 85% on your prescription drug costs. We’ve come up with some simple and easy ways to cut down on your prescription drug costs substantially.

Find the best drug discount card provider in the market

There are several drug discount card providers in the market. Companies such as GmeRx have partnered with multiple drug stores across the country to deliver prescription drugs at discounted prices. In certain cases, the discounts range up to 85%, thus helping you make substantial savings.

Given the large number of drug discount card providers, it is essential to find the one that suits your needs. One way to determine the best is to compare the options and choose the best.

You may consider pharmacies covered and their locality, 24/7 availability, and accessibility as the primary factors considering the fact that you purchase drugs from your nearest pharmacist. In this regard, GmeRx has partnered with 60,000+ pharmacies across the USA, which is pretty much 1+ pharmacist in every location.

Compare Prices at Pharmacies

In general, pharmacists do provide a certain discount on drugs, but this is not practically possible on prescription drugs, unlike the over-the-counter (OTC) drugs. Shopping around to find lowest prices on each and every drug is an hectic option to start of with.

Hence, drug discount card providers such as GmeRx have created a fixed discount percentage on each drug, which will be the final and best price for the specific drug. Basically, half of your job is done here.

If you are still interested in shopping around, you might consider shopping around for drug discount cards, but remember that not all drug discount card providers are transparent with their discount percentages.

Get a Prescription Drug Discount Card!

Get a discount card, whether or not you have a medical insurance. Here’s why.

A drug discount card can offer you with a substantial amount of savings on your prescription bills, irrespective of whether the drugs are covered under insurance or not. Drug discount cards can be used at multiple partner pharmacies thus saving time and effort.

At GmeRx, we believe that every American has a right to better savings, which is why we deliver free prescription drug discount cards to make your prescription drug purchases more hassle-free. If you have questions and concerns about using a drug discount card to avail more benefits, we are here to help. Drop in an inquiry at

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